Haiti Cherie

Back in the ’50s, Harry Belafonte sang the most beautiful song, with tenderness and love.  Haiti became synonymous to me with those feelings.

A Haiti beach before the earthquake

January 12, 2011 is one year later to the day of the dreadful earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, the capital of this amazing country.  This is what Haiti looks like now.

This makeshift morgue — bodies laid out in the street, just a few feet away from an open doorway — is Haiti today. By all accounts the feeble government, and rickety infrastructure, have ceased to exist. There is no longer even a pretense of a country there; there are only 9.5-million isolated people with no way of helping themselves and tens of thousands of rotting bodies lying in the Caribbean sun. (Pic and text provided by Bob Felton at http://www.bobfelton.com)

I can only look at this scene with pain and sorrow.  The Haitians quite simply are too devastated to help themselves.  They need help.  If you can help, in any way, find an agency that will take your donation (of time, money, supplies, whatever you have available) and distribute it where it is needed.


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