Pressure Rears Its Ugly Head

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I had a reckoning with myself this weekend.  Somehow, I got under too much pressure…again.  It wasn’t the blogging itself: it was doing it on a daily basis and having to struggle so much with the formatting.  It takes me three times as long to put up the article as it does to write it.  Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist and tend to want my article to look perfect.  This is nothing new…ask news editors across the country and various publishers that I work with 🙂

Blogging has me hooked, but I don’t want to start to dislike it because of pressure, so I am sensibly scaling back to Post A Week instead of Post A Day.  I will, in all likelihood, do more than one article a week–I am aiming at an article every other day.

Now here’s the good news.  I have started another blog on WordPress, which you can see at News, Views, and Gurus.  This has come about as part of a news-type longing I have.  I have pretty much retired from active journalism, although I still write the odd one here and there.  However, I am on the media list of PR people and get the most fascinating story ideas from them.  I want to write up nearly all of them, but I currently don’t have an outlet for them; or I DIDN’T have.  Now I do.  This is going to be a very interesting blog with all sort of information from all over the world as well as our own backyards.  Pop by, take a look and see some of the fascinating news, views, and gurus I come up with.


17 responses to “Pressure Rears Its Ugly Head

  1. Yeah! Get back to the other projects 😉



  2. Yes, ma’am 🙂 I sent you an email.

    Stephanie is referring to the fact that I am editing her wonderful fantasy novel, Guilded Shadows. It is taking longer than both of us anticipated. So what am I doing sitting here talking to you??


  3. Two blogs? Wow. I don’t know how you do it. I’ve cut back on my blogging time because it was taking away from the time I spent writing/editing and doing other more useful things. I think it is wonderful that you have an outlet to record your story ideas. I look forward to reading them.

    By the way, I added you to my blogroll!
    I hope you don’t feel bad about the friendly discussion you sparked about my writing. I enjoyed the discussion and appreciate your input. I hope you will continue to comment on my writing in the future.


    • Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, Haley 🙂

      I don’t really have time, with all the other things I am doing besides blogging (editing another book for someone, doing year-end financials for two companies and all the government ticky-tacky that involves, caring for my website customers, not to mention trying to write my own book). However, the desire was so strong that I couldn’t help myself. I figure if I do each blog once a week instead of once a day, I should be able to handle it.

      As for the discussion on your blog, I realized my mistake. I didn’t let them know that you had asked me to come and give you my opinion of your writing. So they thought I had pushed my way in and started tearing your work to pieces for no reason. No wonder they were a little perturbed. I would have been upset too if I had been in their shoes. No, I don’t feel bad, other than I wished I had either sent my opinion privately, or let your loyal readers know that you had asked me 🙂


  4. Yes, blogging does take up a lot of time! And formatting takes quite awhile too, especially if you want to add pictures and stuff to make sure it looks attractive… I’ve found that out myself. Keeping the whole balance between the enjoyment of blogging and the pressure involved is tricky for me too. Hope PostAWeek goes well for you!


    • Thank you so much for your good wishes, harmamae. It means a lot to me, especially from someone who knows what’s involved. I am also trying to balance visiting other blogs, which I totally enjoy but have so little time to do. If someone were to ask me what my greatest wish would be, I would say “more time, please.”


  5. No way I’d add a blogging project to my already overloaded self, lol. I do enjoy reading a few (ok, really just yours & one other). With a 40-hour work week, editing two novels in their different stages, writing a third, organizing my writers’ group meetings & writing their newsletter, preparing for a writers’ conference & a couple other local events…I haven’t the time!

    Plus, as much as I enjoy writing, blogging somehow doesn’t appeal to me. Not sure why.

    *hugs* Sandra, don’t wear yourself out. I know you try to =P


    • Hey, Steph, you write in your LiveJournal. Isn’t that blogging? Tons of the bloggers here just write about their experiences, observations in life, and everyday occurrences. I just have to be different 😛

      I don’t know why I love blogging so much. Wert (my husband’s game name) doesn’t understand either. I haven’t told him about my second blog (a href=>News, Views, and Gurus) yet. However, I do what work I have to and then rush to my blog and see who has visited, if there are any comments, etc. Then I start writing. I love it.

      Btw, did you mean that I am trying to wear myself out?


  6. Man, I got totally burnt out on one blog. I’m fizzling. Actually, I lost my gumption for all social media. It’s not bad, I’m not complaining, I’m just tired of giving so much to faceless, often non-existent entities. Hmm, if I write a blog and no one reads it does it even exist?


    • Oh, Kristin, I’m so sorry. I haven’t put up my writer’s block blog yet. I hadn’t forgotten, just got busy with so many other things.

      It is truly a shame that you to burnt out. I am really sorry, because I thought your blog rocked. You had such practical, commonsense, and yet delicious food-type advice. You had me hooked. And honestly, I am not really a food person, but your blogs were clear, easy to read, and helpful…and quite compelling. You should have been stampeded with readers. But I guess it doesn’t work that way in the blogging world…simply because there are so many, many blogs out there.

      As for your question, it’s a fact that writing is the one art that requires to be read before it is complete. I wrote somewhere here that the writer requires a fourth wall for his/her writing, the fourth wall of a stage being the audience. So, my guess is that, yes, your blog exists, but if no one else besides you reads it, it is not complete.

      Kristin, do rest up and get your hutzpah back up (I’m not Jewish, but I love that word). Then you can start again and I’ll see if I can help you promote your blog a little more. It takes a lot of work, mostly visiting other blogs. People get interested in what you way on other blogs and out of curiosity they visit your blog. Once there, they can’t help but be hooked. And just a little secret – everyone is feeling the lack of attention that some of the readers give – like no comments, or even pushing the like button or voting. There have been a few blog posts on that situation, so you are definitely not alone. Anyhow, if I can help in any way, let me know.




  7. (aka Huffygirl)
    How did I not see this before Sandra? I just found out about your other blog. I guess that explains why I was not seeing much from you on this one. I thought you had stopped writing. Instead, I find out that you’re writing two blogs. You are a woman of mystery!


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