Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

For the first time in my life, I have my own office.  No more trying to write on the kitchen table or in the bedroom.  I have my very own office…yep, it’s my refuge.

Also for the first time in this weekly photo challenge, I have taken the picture currently (snapped yesterday) using my new camera that my kids got me for my birthday last fall.  And I learned how to download it (my husband showed me).  So I’m all set for future challenges.  If nothing else, this photo challenge has prodded me into learning how to use my super-tech camera 😛

Refuge - photo taken by Sandra Bell Kirchman

As for the fantasy aspect of this picture, I see the statue of the Pegasus on the desk and I immediately think of these beautiful graceful creatures.  Why would the absent occupant have such a statue and why is he or she absent anyway?  Perhaps he has a friendly Pegasus and has simply gone for a ride…or perhaps he has been summoned to help a world in distress, where the flying horses are in danger of being extinct (I’ve been reading Rick Cook’s The Wiz Biz and am enjoying it immensely).

How about you?  What kind of ideas do you get from this picture for a fantasy story?


12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

  1. Sandra,
    I know nothing (yet) about online gaming — just what I see on TV (there was, in fact, just this week a new NCIS [my fave TV show] episode centered on gamers). Still, the pieces in your portfolio entice me. Your writing is clear and descriptive. Again, I marvel at HOW MUCH writing you have done and are doing! You inspire me to do more. Our power just went out and my laptop is dying, so need to make this short: I have two big red Pegasus(es) hanging on the side of our chicken coop. There used to be a gas station that used the flying red horse as its logo. That’s where these came from I think. I LOVE your boundaries challenge,too. SO much nourishment on your site. I will be passing it along to an old newspaper friend who is writing a young adult fantasy book. Thanks, Janet


    • NCIS (the original) is my favorite show as well, although I haven’t seen the gamers episode. Thank you for your positive comments. They inspire me back, so it seems to be a win-win situation. But then that is also how I feel about your writing–clear, easy to read, and descriptive. Heh heh

      I look forward to meeting your old newspaper friend. Also, I just remembered that you are a former journalist. Perhaps you would like to exchange guest columns with me. Yours would be on my other site – <a href=http://primalnews.wordpress.com.News, Views, and Gurus. In return, I have a wonderful story about a brave little dog…with pictures that I would love to share with your readers. The lesson I learned from her was COURAGE.


  2. You have your own little refuge at last! Somewhere to sit and ponder to your heart’s content, and somewhere to work in peace! It’s a great photo for the Refuge Photo Challenge.


    • Thanks, Barb. You hit the nail on the head. If I want to “get away from it all,” I go to my office. However, I never get very far away lol – our three Shih Tzus like to sleep wherever I am, so I have one doggy bed under the visitor’s chair and two shaggy pillows on the floor for the other two dogs (they take turns with the bed). It’s a very small room, so very often the office is full of dog 😛

      I visited your wonderful pet site and had a ball traipsing through your fun and interesting articles, so much so that I subscribed. Looking forward to your next article(s).


  3. Hi,
    I am looking forward to your post from your own office.
    And I will try to understand your post despite my poor English ability.


    • You don’t seem to have that much trouble with English. You sure don’t have trouble with a camera. Folks, if you want to see the most beautiful displays of Japanese hydrangea, traipse on over to Summerfield84’s site. She has taken several pictures of these beautiful and colorful flowers for the photo theme this week of abundance.


  4. To answer your question, ” What kind of ideas do you get from this picture for a fantasy story?”…I can’t help but wonder, with the picture focused directly towards the turned-on computer screen, is that where the desk occupant has gone? So deep into her own writing she was sucked into the computer? What else might she encounter there besides her own words?


    • Great idea, Kristin. A little like Tron, only not so game-oriented. Actually, one of the writers in Birth of a Unicorn and Other Stories wrote about a writer who was pulled into the fantasy story she was writing and had quite the adventure. Nice little story. Writing experts say there are no new stories under the sun. They have all be told. What makes a story fresh and new are the characters and the backgrounds that each writer uses. Hmmm, I might ponder this idea and give it a go. It is one of my favorites. Thanks!


  5. Congrats on your camera and your office.

    I think the fantasy story will be revealed on one of the post-its . . .


    • Thank you, Nancy (I’ve been reading your site so I know your name 🙂 Interesting concept about the post-its. And you are right – I sometimes write down story ideas on the post-its and stick them up on the ledge so I don’t forget them. I have a memory of notoriously small proportion (if I was a computer, I would now be obsolete :P), so I desperately need help to remember things. Post-its are a wonderful invention!


  6. i’m with you when life get little crazy, nothing like sitting at my own refuge! great idea… very clever.


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