Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows

This photo was taken in my livingroom.  It looks like a blurred picture of a plant, but actually it is the shadow on the wall of the plant.  The sun is low in the western sky and coming in the big picture window, casting the two upright bars (out of three) and the plant (which is right under the window) on the far wall.  I found it a fascinating picture.  Even though I know the shadow is about 10 feet away from the actual object, I have a hard time assimilating that from the photo.


Afternoon shadows on a yellow wall. Photo: Sandra Bell Kirchman

As for the fantasy aspect of this photograph, I think it looks spooky, like something you might see in a haunted house.  The plant might be semi-sentient.  Perhaps the abode housed an evil woman who talked to herself constantly and fed the blood of creatures she caught to the plant.  Her last act was to attempt to kill an old man, homeless, and without money.  She figured no one would come looking for him, so it would be safer.  However, a young man looked out for the old man and came looking.  He found the body of the old man and the body of the evil old woman.  There were strange blood tracks leading away from the window and up to an open door where they disappeared into the thick grass.

The police were called and came to investigate but couldn’t quite figure out who had killed whom and how the body of the old man landed on top of the woman.  They thought the woman must have killed the old man.  They called for the Crime Investigation Unit, questioned the young man thoroughly satisfied that he was innocent.  As he walked home, he thought he heard a strange rustling noise.  The wind picked up and decided it was just the wind.  Or was it?

How about you?  What fantasy story do you see in the picture?


18 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows

  1. interesting story 🙂 but I actually loved your photo. It’s more mysterious to me than spooky


    • Thanks, TKRN. I am just finding my niche as an amateur photographer, so when someone of your caliber (I snuck over to your site) says you love a photo of mine, it’s very meaningful. And yes, I suppose the picture is mysterious too. Being a fantasy writer, my imagination tends to get a little dramatic now and then…or maybe the right word is flamboyant 😛


    • My son and I were just today talking about photos focused on “shadows.” The weather here hasn’t offered many chances for outdoor shadows of late however.
      What I see in your photo is a giant plant preparing to attack humans. In my story, animals would somehow save the humans. I’m envious of the imagination you bring to all of your posts. Tracks leading somewhere always spur my curiosity…Thanks for all your posts: I enjoy them. Janet


      • Oooh, Janet, I like your story idea germ. I have three little Shih Tzus, ranging from 11 lbs. to 22 lbs. Everyone could think that the dogs aren’t much use for guard dogs. They think they are cute but kind of make fun of them.

        The dogs notice that the plant has come to life and start to growl a little at it. Their “mommy” and “daddy” don’t notice or understand what they are growling at. After investigation, they tell the dogs to be quiet and go and lie down.

        That night, the plant comes to life (have to invent a reason), and the dogs work in teamwork to pin it down and subdue it long enough for Daddy to come in and help put it down.

        Then there is great praise for the dogs, and even some money for Mommy and Daddy, because…the plant is still alive. Heh heh. Whaddya think?


  2. The estranged husband stands outside the window, looking in, wishing he was still part of the family he sees inside. The kids play quietly on the floor, unaware that they’re being watched. Mom and new husband work amiably in the kitchen, where the sweet smell of food wafts out to the rest of the house. He wishes he had been a better person, a better husband.

    Better stop here, otherwise it’s starting to sound like Charlie Sheen 😉


    • Nice story, huffygirl. It could go so many ways after that (although the Charlie Sheen saga is indicated – do you really think he wishes he had been a better person, though?) that the mind boggles. I love open-ended plot germs. It’s thrilling to follow it to the end. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. what a lovely picture


  4. Thanks, tinkerbelle. As I told TKRN above, I am an amateur photographer who is finding her feet. When I come up with something that others like, it delights me. I took a look at your blog and just about hurt myself laughing. You definitely have a humorous way with words. Anyhow, I added you to my blogroll. I need a good laugh like that every now and then.


  5. Shadows can be spooky.

    When watching scary movies, seeing the SHADOW of an approaching animal or person is often much spookier than seeing their countenance directly.

    Thanks, Sandra


    • Yes, I agree about spooky shadows. That’s why, when I got my imagination going, it tended to come up with a spooky story. I am trying these days to overcome my fear of scary movies. I think I watched movies that were a little beyond my years when I was a child. Some of them scared me half to death. So my imagination works overtime when I am watching a scary movie now. But my husband is helping me and I am now able to watch the less scary movies without dying of a heart attack. I’m actually enjoying some of them.


  6. That photo is so awesome I can’t even believe you were able to get it. It reminds me of sitting in my grandmother’s living room at midnight, watching scary movies and seeing the bushes and trees sway outside the window in the moonlight. 🙂


    • Thanks, Teri. It wasn’t a problem getting it – it spanned the whole expanse of the adjacent wall. I just had to worry about focus (and keeping three little Shih Tzus out of the picture when they wanted to know what I was doing :P).

      I remember listening to scary radio shows when I was about 6 years old in my grandmother’s living room. It was just at dusk and the house was surrounded by trees and bushes. If one of them scraped the window, I would jump out of my skin, but I had to be quiet because my grandmother didn’t like me listening to the radio past my bedtime 🙂


  7. Very spooky picture. Makes me think of HP Lovecraft. Perhaps the picture is a glimpse into another world…where the old gods sleep. Looking at it too long will drive you insane. Mwahahahahaha!


    • Neat idea. Perhaps the guy has finally found where the old gods sleep because he is so totally narcissistic that he thinks he belongs with the gods. His friends have tried to talk him out of it, letting him know how dangerous it is to mess with the gods, especially the old gods.

      The guy disdains their advice and finally finds the doorway to where the old gods reside. He can see the gods just beyond the giant plant that guards the doorway. But he can’t find a way to open the door. He bangs on it but no one answers. It seems indestructible because neither arrows nor swords will dent the see-through material of the door. So he watches–day and night, since he can’t sleep or eat for his longing to be inside and be a part of the gods. A wolf takes pity on the man a brings him some meat. The man chokes down some of the raw meat and then is violently ill as it hits his shrunken stomach.

      He finally slips into a coma, still leaning against the door in a sitting position. The gods open the door and, no less than the wolf, take pity on him as well. They carry the mortal into their domain to help him, not recognizing that he is a human. They are the gods of so many worlds, it is difficult to keep track of them all.

      As they are tending him, he opens his eyes and gasps a little. I belong here, he says. I am a god too.

      The gods laugh kindly at this and then become concerned because this mortal is gasping and seeming to have difficulty breathing. They can’t figure it out until one of the gods steps out to see if he can find the answer on the mortal’s planet.

      He finds it and hurried back to where the gods had laid the mortal. His face and nails were blue. The mortal opens his eyes and smiles at the gods, then with a long sigh, he slips away.

      The god who checked Earth was sorrowful that he was too late. He explained to the other gods that the reason the mortal had trouble breathing was that there was a considerably lower portion of oxygen in the god’s world, since they didn’t really need to breathe at all, and the oxygen was for the benefit of the plants and animals who didn’t need much, than on Earth. The mortal died of asphyxiation.

      One of the gods looks down on him and says sadly, He now does indeed belong here with us.

      Whaddya think?

      Jeez, you guys are all so talented. There are at least three good story ideas in this comment section.

      Thanks, Sonia M., for visiting and for joining this site. I hope you will enjoy it.


  8. Nice one, Sandra. Not only are you a great writer, but you’re turning into a decent photographer, my friend.


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