Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

First off, I have to say I am really enjoying the categories that WP is picking for us.  They give us scope to use our imagination but also some direction so we aren’t bouncing off the walls.  Good job!

I am including two photos for “Home,” although if we can only have one that counts it will be this next one:

Kirchman living room

Home is where the heart is! Photo: Sandra Bell Kirchman

A lot of the above is symbolic.  Shown here are the three features that make my home…my husband’s chair, made specially for big men (he is 6’4″ and weighs 270 lbs.).  When he stretches out on it, all three of our dogs–Ling Ling (pictured), Oreo, and Tilly Tot–jump up and he is covered in a living blanket of dog.  Finally, there’s the plant that was the scary monster in last week’s “Shadows.”  Not so scary now 🙂  All in all, my heart is filled with my husband, my dogs, and beautiful plants.  That’s home.

This next one I added because really, a kitchen is the heart of any home.  This is where I usually entertain visitors who just drop in, where we eat most of our meals, where my husband and I often have a snack and chat at night before bedtime; and where I feed the dogs twice a day.  I also love my kitchen.


Home is where the heart is and the kitchen is the heart of the home. Photo: Sandra Bell Kirchman


17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Home – his chair, your kitchen. Both places where you can breathe, sigh and enjoy. Thanks!


    • Yeah, it’s true. We have a lot of freedom in our house…well, except for the dogs. Shih Tzus are high maintenance and take a lot of caring for, but we wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. We can’t just pick up and go whenever we want…three dogs don’t travel well in a minivan, and we won’t leave them at home or in a kennel. We tried that once and it didn’t work out.

      The dogs give so much love to us and to the home. I guess it’s love that makes a home really, now that I think of it. My husband and I are blessed for having such great dogs, such a great home, and, of course, each other.


  2. I love my kitchen too! It’s where my boyfriend, now husband proposed marriage, it’s where we cook together, it’s where our beloved Zig gets fed twice a day and licks the dinner dishes, it’s where we bottled our first batch of wine, where I make my husbands favorite pesto and where I sneak in to the refrigerator for a half a glass of wine at 2pm on extra stressful days (I know, it’s a little early…that’s why I feel a little shameful and sneak!). What a great room!


    • Haha, my husband proposed in our kitchen, too!


    • Yeah, kitchens are great. Ours is rather small, but there is an oak table and four chairs that match the oak cabinets. We bought the house almost on the strength of the beautiful kitchen cupboards. People seem to feel really comfortable in it, anyhow.

      I should have mentioned to Marge Katherine above that it’s not just my kitchen. My husband is actually a great cook, and there are lots of dishes that he can cook better than I can…his mom was from the South and he loves grits and hominy and biscuits with gravy. Well, I had never even SEEN grits until he brought some up from the States. Canadians aren’t that big on Southern food.

      I bet I would love your kitchen. It sounds homey and friendly, but efficient and set up for accomplishing. I’m almost tempted to come and visit you to check it out 😛

      Thanks for dropping by, Kristin 🙂


  3. Thanks for the sneak peak. 😀


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  5. Pingback: Weekly Photo Challenge: HOME « Spirit Lights The Way

  6. Very nice! That first photo makes me want to sit down and stretch my legs out into the sun shining in. 🙂
    I also wanted to let you know that I just awarded you a blog award. I just wanted to make sure you don’t miss seeing it, so that you can collect it if you wish. 🙂


  7. Great pics!! xoxox
    the view out your window is killer!!
    also, i must point this out, but your solar garden light in the little pot is a FANTASTIC IDEA!!!
    I live in South America and a lot of the time we lose power down here.. this is an amazing way to save a couple of bucks (or should i say pesos) on the electricity bill.
    Thank you for the great idea.



    • Thanks for the comments, panicmonster. The solar light works okay, but it doesn’t provide a lot of light. You’d have to have a number of them before it was significant enough to, say, read a book. Let me know how it works though. I live in rural southeastern Saskatchewan, and we have the odd power outage as well. It usually doesn’t last very long, but it is annoying.

      Come back when I post the picture for this week’s challenge: Spring. Since we still have 2 feet of snow on the ground it definitely IS going to be a challenge, unless I cheat and take a picture of a metal coil 😛


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