Science vs. Religion – Has the Debate Been Settled?

The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam - Image via Wikipedia

There’s a new post over at my other blog, News, Views, and Gurus, about Dr. Ron Frost, who combines a significant spiritual (Buddhist) background with a solid scientific career as a professor at the University of Wyoming and a geologist specializing in rock formations.  How he came to write the book Religion Versus Science: Where Both Sides Go Wrong in the Great Evolution Debate is fascinating in itself.  He didn’t actually WANT to write it, but amazing circumstances convinced him it was needed.  You might want to pop over and take a look.


18 responses to “Science vs. Religion – Has the Debate Been Settled?

  1. Interesting review on the book. Nice to know you have another blog if I start running out of reading material. 🙂

    Thanks, Sandra.


    • Glad you liked it, Nancy. I always rejoice when I find a scientist who is willing to acknowledge the spiritual side of things. This scientist actually embraces it.

      On another note, I can’t imagine you running out of reading material 😛


    • And vice versa . . . I rejoice when those who believe in biblical teachings embrace the science of things.

      One of my main complaints about religion . . . slow to face facts. Adam and Eve was a lovely story and plausible explanation until scientists revealed that we evolved from apes rather than springing from Adam’s Rib.

      Now, it’s just a lovely story . . . a Fairy Tale. And if the Bible is wrong about that . . . what other fallacies lie between its covers?


  2. I’ll have to see if I can download it onto my Kindle when I get home.

    Dr. Frost looks like a couple of my geology profs back at CU, lol, which means he’d be fun to go and have a drink with (er, non-alcoholic, given the Buddhism but still ;)).


  3. Where is the story? I clicked over to your other blog expecting it to be a direct link but just got to your main page. How do I bring up the story? It sounds interesting 😉


  4. Loved the story – great job! I’ve done a bit of flash fiction myself, and I know the struggle to edit oneself, yet keep the original story line intact. I will definitely drop over to your other site (Good grief! How do you find the time to maintain two! I have a very difficult time keeping up one!).

    I am always interested in scientists who integrate the spiritual with the scientific. I have never undertood why people feel that the Bible and science are mutually exclusive! As far as the creation story goes, even the Jews always understood the story as a myth – a way of understanding the Creator’s intentions, not a detailed account of exactly how God did it! I find it quite amusing that people look to it as a scientific treatise instead of the spiritual document it is, of the way in which God reaveals God’s self to humanity. I believe the mistake that many people make (and believe me, this is only my opinion) is to say that the Bible is God’s document and sort of a dictated text! The Bible is a human document, through which humans slowly learn (and we’re still learning) about the nature of God and the Divine. God is constantly revealing Her/His self to us – sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t, but fortunately I’ve found that for myself, God doesn’t give up on my ever (eventually) understanding!

    I believe that we are all experiencing the Eighth day of creation. God hasn’t stopped creating, and we still have a long way to go to grasping all that God/Spirit has done and is still continuing to do. God gave us brains and intelligence that we are supposed to use and employ as stewards of Creation (so far we are doing a pretty lousy job in the stewardship department). And, God “invented” science – and certainly is revealed through it!

    Oh well – enough of my rambling. I will for sure check out the book and your review. Have you by any chance read Walter Isaacson’s biography of Einstein? Fabulous!


    • Glad you liked the story, Paula – I really did struggle with it, mostly the length. However, I also enjoyed it thoroughly…and I don’t even particularly like dark fantasy lol

      No, I haven’t read that biography of Einstein, but I admire him tremendously. He was a spiritual scientist…and no, people, that is not an oxymoron.

      I like your idea of the eighth day of creation. It makes the whole thing quite exciting. Although I do kinda feel part of an experiment now 😛

      I’m pretty sure God is rooting for ya and that you will (eventually) understand 🙂


  5. That looks like a very interesting book. I have, for a long time, been fascinated by the creationism/evolution debate. I have even been thinking of doing a series about it on my blog. Unfortunately, I don’t think the book is availible in the UK. Perhaps I can order from the US.

    Do you know if the book is about religion and science in general or more focused on the debate between the two ‘sides’? If the former, I have to admit about being a bit sceptical, if the latter, it sounds fascinating.

    p.s. I didn’t know you had another blog. How many more do you have?


    • IIRC, the book is more about the debate between the two. Ron is convinced they are saying the same thing, only using different words and different parameters. Part of the book is about how he arrived at that conclusion. It is very interesting reading. However, I do admit to being biased, since I believe the exact same thing.

      As for blogs, I have two of them for now. I have a third blog, but that is for my new copywriting business. Once I get my business up and running, I will probably put the link up for people to come and have a look. My second blog is called News, Views, and Gurus. Go have a look and you’ll see almost immediately what it’s all about.


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