Book writers, I need your opinion

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I have been taking courses with AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.) on copywriting, and I am trying to find my niche. Copywriting is writing advertising copy for various projects in various types, such as:

  • autoresponder emails – this is a series of emails designed to interest your reader in clicking on a link that leads to your web landing page (the page that advertises your book).  The series is sent out over a period of time to give the recipient ample time to work up enough interest in your book to click the link. These emails are sent only to prospect, i.e., people who have indicated some kind of interest in buying your book and are on your prospect mailing list.


  • writing good advertising copy for home pages, landing pages and any other pages for a website.  They would be all about selling YOU and your book.


  • It would also involve helping the person setting up their website to their best advantage, working with SEO options, recommending the top hosting and framework suppliers, and help with design.  You can pick as many of the services as you need…one, two, or a package.

How many book writers who have (or are intending to) self-publish their books would be interested in services such as the above-described?  I think you can click as many as apply.


8 responses to “Book writers, I need your opinion

  1. Sounds intriguing, Sandra.

    I’m not planning to self-publish anytime soon but would consider services like these . . . if the cost fit my budget.


    • You’re so dependable, Nancy. I can nearly always count on your visiting here after a new post.

      We should talk. I’m sure we could work something out. What kind of copywriting were you interested in? If you want to email me, you can do so at sandrakirchman at sasktel dot net.


    • Thanks, Sandra.

      Right now, publication is not even on the radar for me. I have several novels in various stages of completion, but don’t feel compelled to finish them.

      If that changes, I’ll let you know.

      It’s not so much the copywriting I would need help with ~ it’s the web design and set up. The only reason I’m able to blog is because WP did the heavy lifting for me.


  2. I understand. I am working on my own website for copywriting as we speak. I want this one to be perfect. Once it is finished, I will launch it and let you know the URL. I will probably have the prices on it, so you can see what’s what.

    However, for blogging friends, I will be giving a discount. I am already doing one site, such as you describe you want, for Kristin Konvolinka at Fearlessly Nourished. She is an awesome food and food supplement blogger, really knows her stuff.


  3. AHA! Someone just cast their vote for “Give me a good reason to hire a writer when I could do it myself.” I was hoping someone would vote on that. The answer, when I asked the question before I got involved in copywriting, surprised me. Here it is:

    Not all writers make good copywriters. Writing copy is quite different from writing a story or a novel. Contrary to some folks’ belief, you need to write just as if you were talking to someone, a friend, and describing your own expedition into whatever product the client sells. You need to be able to write kickass subject lines and you need to know the purpose of every single word in your email (presentation, web copy) etc.

    You could be a writer that can do that…or promotion and marketing may be the thing that bores you silly and sends you running in the opposite direction. Or somewhere in between. But if you don’t have a passion for the type of copywriting you are doing, you will not succeed. Of course, one assumes you have a passion for your own book, but can you successfully condense it into 25 words – can you write the best blurb, one that will promote the book to people who haven’t read it?

    But if you have trouble with these things…if you can’t seem to get the words right…if you realize you need help, I’m here 🙂 I’ve had a ton of training at AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) who specialize in writing and graphics for copywriters and web copy/design. Give me a call.


  4. “…but can you successfully condense it into 25 words – can you write the best blurb, one that will promote the book to people who haven’t read it?”

    Indeed I can! (Or, like to think I can) But I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it for someone else unless I was *really* in love with their work, and even then. So I’m curious as to how this turns out for you. Good luck 🙂


  5. You can now, Steph, but you had to learn how to do it. It wasn’t something that just came naturally to you, right? (And yes, you can, quite well now 🙂 )


  6. Of course I had to learn how. And I know I could be a lot better. 🙂


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