Rugged Fall Trail

This is not actually my pic, but I have traveled paths like this.  This particular one was provided by my favorite desktop wallpaper place called Your Daily Escape at  A  travel site, they have fabulous pics from all around the world, but mainly from wonderful North America.

Trail in the Sierra Nevadas

Here’s what Your Daily Escape has to say about it:

An Empty Fall Trail

Granite cliffs, three-story trees, and 14,000-foot mountains might make hikers feel Lilliputian in the Sierra Nevada landscape. But that is exactly the point. Escape city life on the 211 challenging miles of the John Muir Trail, named for the founder of the Sierra Club, to see three national parks, two wilderness areas, and countless rugged vistas. In early September, the summer crowds and mosquitoes have dispersed, but the days are still warm.

Certainly part of North American grandeur and eminently worthy as an entrant in the weekly photo challenge of “Path.”


22 responses to “Rugged Fall Trail

  1. That is a pretty cool pic, looks like a place I’d like to hike!


  2. Gorgeous pic . . . that path beckons! 😀


    • I love the pictures that Your Daily Escape provides. They have 2-3 new ones per week. As for this particular pic, my eyes bugged out, because I felt it was the personification of my kind of path.

      Thanks for the ping-back 🙂


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  4. This really is a great photo – the kind that makes me say – “Where is this, I want my next vacation there!”


  5. Beautiful picture, Sandra. Thank you for sharing.
    Walking down trails like this, or just imagining myself there from a picture, helps transport me back to the 1800s. I wish we could walk down one of these trails together.


  6. It certainly calls for exploration. Beautiful!


  7. Nice choice! I love the angle of the photograph. It makes me feel like I am there.


    • Gee, Deb, I just realized I didn’t reply to your comment. I like to reply to everyone cuz I appreciate the time they take to stop by. Yeah, I like the angle as well. It’s a great shot of perspective…it kind of pulls you forward, doesn’t it?


      • No problem! And yes it does pull you forward. I really like it.
        By the way, I posted pics of the kids for you last week. The photo challenge was “faces” so I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you recent photos of the older ones, that you asked about. I’m not sure if you saw it or not, but I thought I’d let you know. The “difficult” subjects did let me take a few. 🙂


  8. I love a picture of a trail, I love to hike and always want to take a new path.


    • This pic was in response to the weekly WordPress themed photograph challenge. The original picture challenge was “path” but I thought trail was close enough. If you are a path/trail fan, check out some other bloggers who follow the weekly challenge. They will have a pic of trails or paths up. A lot of the bloggers on my blog roll list had one.

      Thanks for dropping by. I love seeing new people come to my site and share their thoughts and/or feelings.


  9. Beautiful shot! the one hike i really enjoyed and loved was in San Francisco…its in the meir woods national park. It was a beautiful hike. Did you go on this one?


  10. Great picture, Sandra! One of my favorite hiking spots is in the Sierra Foothills, just north of Nevada City: the South Yuba River Independence Trail. This picture reminds me of that area, bringing back great memories. Thanks so much for sharing! Cheers! BCC


    • Thanks, Marsha. I’m glad that it brings back happy memories to you. I have seen pictures that do that for me…remind me so much of happy spot or happy time in my life and give me comfort and peace. Thanks too for dropping by.


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