Declaration of love – I AM A WRITER!

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

Listen closely, so you don’t miss it.


I used to be embarrassed to tell people I was a writer.  This was because it was immediately followed by questions from them like, “What have you written?”  “Would I recognize  your pen name?”  and the worst…”Are you famous?”  They all made me cringe.

So I stopped saying it for about 15 years.  And I stopped writing what I loved to write…fantasy fiction.  I half-heartedly pursued my journalistic career, tried radio, giving lectures, paralegal work, but very little in the way of fiction writing.  I thought I couldn’t have the name if I didn’t play the game.  This led to thinking that I probably wasn’t good enough anyhow.  What little writing I did do seemed to corroborate what I was thinking, which resulted in more years of not writing and not feeling satisfied inside.

Witchcanery – 1st edition

Then, at the urging of my husband, I left my job as the news editor for an online gaming site.  I took up the writing of a book I had started from an idea I developed in a short, short story contest.  It was a crossover fantasy fiction novel, with some science fiction thrown in.  I had loved the short story, and I was rapidly falling in love with the novel, which I had named Witchcanery.

I self-published it.  It did so well, that I turned it over to another publishing company to publish a second edition.  Then my past caught up with me.  All the projects I had gathered about me to keep me from writing demanded completion.  I was caught.  So I started this blog to help me keep my hand in about writing.  That helped some, but it also added more work to keep me from my fantasyfic writing.

Finally, I said ENOUGH.  I will write.  And you know why?  Because I AM A WRITER.  And I had to get serious, because keeping away from writing was making me ill, which of course took away more time from writing.

So far, I have departed from most of my volunteer work and am disposing of my small web design business.  I am learning to say no.  And I am intent on finishing my one business writing project, so I can write.  The challenge offered by Jeff Goins has fired me up again, and my spirit will prevail.  The trumpets sound and the golden curtains part as the words blazon themselves in the sky and in my heart.


 * * *

The foregoing is the exercise for Day 1 of the 15-day program to master 15 habits of great writers.  The challenge today is to declare I am a writer in public.  For more information click on the Participant badge in the sidebar to the right.


11 responses to “Declaration of love – I AM A WRITER!

  1. You are a writer! So glad you decided to do it because they world would be less interesting and not nearly as fabulous without you and your writing!


    • I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me, suzi. Thanks. Just so you know, the feeling is very mutual. I have saved all the notifications to read your posts and am very much the poorer for not making/having the time to read them.


  2. Of course you are Sandra. I’ve always been impressed with your writing.


    • Awww, thanks, HG. I have boldly proclaimed I am a writer before, but I didn’t feel like it inside. I felt like a trickster, and others would seem to uphold it. Now, I am stepping out and proclaiming it for real. If others laugh, that is their problem because they will miss out.

      While we are on the subject, you are one of my favorite writers. Did you know that? 🙂


  3. You go, girl!!! 😀

    Write on!


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  5. I always knew you were a writer Sandra, you just had to convince yourself and now you have – and put it in writing! Yaaaaaaaaaay! You are a Writer!


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