Outstanding post by Cristian Mihai. I thought you guys would be interested.

Cristian Mihai

I usually try to avoid three things: controversial subjects, shameless marketing, and bar fights. And most of the time I’m lucky.

But today I feel like making a stand. Yeah, it’s late and the USB ports on my laptop stopped working, but I want to tell you my honest opinion about self-publishers and all the people who have been criticizing them.

A number of agents, editors, and traditionally published authors consider self-publishing as some sort of mistake. Self-publishers are just lazy. Why? Because they didn’t go through the route. They didn’t query agents, they didn’t get rejected over and over again. Stuff like that. Also, they’re bad to the world of publishing, because some of them did try to get published via the traditional way, but were rejected. Oh, and did I mention this stupid, stupid habit they have, of selling e-books well below what the big Six deem as…

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  1. Great piece. I’d always been told one must go the traditional route to be a “real” writer…I see more and more self publishing. As I am getting closer to my goal, I’m thinking of self publishing rather than go through all the trouble of publishing companies. They accuse self publishers of being lazy; however, it takes a lot of work to get your words ready for digital publishing as well.


    • It used to be that there was a lot of stigmatism attached to self-publishing and the so-called “vanity” publishing (i.e. paying someone else to publish you). As the world becomes more and more computer-oriented, online and POD (pay on demand) self-publishing are entering into their own. I’m glad…and glad you liked the post, suzi.


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