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Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

The excellent WordPress people have come up with a new challenge for us:  a photo that reflects the theme of the week.  The last theme mentioned was “boundaries.”  So here is my contribution…a freshly built wheelchair ramp to the deck that connects with our front door.

Boundaries - newly constructed wheelchair ramp. Photo: Sandra Bell Kirchman

I can think of several fantasy applications for this, but the story sticks in my mind about how an arrogant girl sneers at the difficulties of others.  Then because of an insult she passes on to a child, the mother of the child, a witch from another world, throws a curse on her.  The girl finds herself transported to this world where everything is similar to her world except that people in wheelchairs and using canes and crutches are considered second class citizens.

This would have to be a short story, not a novel, and a LOT of character development would have to be done, but it fits the idea of how we impose our own boundaries upon ourselves by accepting others’ evaluations of us.

Does anyone else have an idea for a fantasy story regarding the above picture?  Doing this exercise is a good way to get those old creative juices flowing and one way to overcome writer’s block.