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Witchcanery…now LIVE on Kindle

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Cover via Amazon

Yup, it’s true.  My first novel, Witchcanery, is now available on Amazon’s Kindle as an e-book.  As I understand it, you need a Kindle reader (or similar device) in order to read it.  The good news is if you don’t have a Kindle reader you can download one from Amazon.com for free.  Or you can buy one that you can hold in your hand for a reasonable price (new from Amazon, around $130).

If you would like to have a look at the ad for e-book Witchcanery, you can go here.  That’s also where you can purchase it ($2.99).  If you have read Witchcanery before, it would be a great help if you would give your review of it at the Amazon link, same as above.  The more favorable reviews the book gets, the higher it goes on the Amazon listings.  Thank you in advance.

If you haven’t read it, I’ve been told by independent readers that you are in for a treat.

Witchcanery is a fantasy adventure about Shelley Kesinkowsky, a modern-day witch with a technological advantage that other witches in the past have not had…a computer…and the internet.  Much tidier than getting messages from ravens…and no droppings to clean up, although she has observed that you don’t usually have to reboot a raven.

She also has an unusual talent that even she doesn’t know how it works.  However, she is going to need that talent to help save the planet from utter destruction by Mother Earth’s bad-hair-day golems.  And she is also going to need help from her former enemy, High Wizard Jason Jeph, whose deadly incantation might just get them both killed.

In the course of this adventure, you get to meet memorable characters, such as Jason’s familiar, Byching, the brilliant blue hyacinthine macaw; Blue Eyes, the amazingly caring golem that Shelley creates for the adventure; Mother Earth, the lovely but fiery demi-goddess put in charge of the welfare of the planet by the Maker; and many others.

Containing a mixture of adventure, romance, humor, suspense, and, surprisingly, ecology and the preservation of planet Earth, this novel is something that some readers have said they couldn’t put down…even those who previously maintained they didn’t care for fantasy.