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Versatile Blogger Awards

Exciting news today!  No, not another flash fiction story – I got another award.  This time, the Versatile Blogger Award — from the PanicMonster.  You should read her blog, if you haven’t already.  It’s extraordinarily honest and full of pain and courage.  Thank you, PM, for this award.

Versatile Blogger Award

With respect to the award, here are the terms and more information:

The Versatile Blogger Award is passed from blogger to blogger. It’s a great way to get your blog noticed, as well as highlight some of your favorite bloggers/writers.  Considering the vast number of very creative and inspirational blogs in our own blogosphere alone, I am pretty happy to have been included in this august company 🙂

Now the idea in spreading the good word to others is:

1) Link back to the blogger that gave me the award . – done
2) Tell you 7 random things about myself.
– see below
3) Choose 15 other blogs to pass the award to. – see below
4) Inform the other bloggers that I’m passing the award to them. – done


Saline solution for IV

Image via Wikipedia - Saline Solution

1. I almost died twice last year, once by injection of iodine for a catscan.  It turns out I am deathly allergic to iodine.  If my family doctor hadn’t recognized it right away and put me on a saline solution to flush out my veins, I would have died…my kidneys had already started to fail.  The other time was a mix-up with too many doctors prescribing medications for me without regard to the medications I was already on.  One prescription was again making my kidneys start to fail and my blood pressure had dropped alarmingly, but again my family doctor solved that by putting me in the hospital, saline solution for 24 hours, I was right as rain the next morning.  We solved that particular one by passing any new medications past my family doctor before I started taking them.

2.  I could read and write (actual writing, not printing) when I was four years old.  I guess I couldn’t wait to grow up to get at my writing.  I wrote my first “novel” when I was seven.  It was a self-illustrated, five-page adventure story called ANGUS THE ANT.

3. I am 70 years old but have been repeatedly told that I don’t look more than my mid-50s.  I like hearing that.  When I was younger, I had somewhat shallow values, in that the looks of people were very important to me.  I have matured considerably since then, but some of it still lingers 😳

4. I still read the Oz books and have never gotten over the idea that somewhere there may be a full-fledged fairyland (like Baum’s Land of Oz, or Anthony’s Xanth, or Brooks’s Magic Kingdom for Sale).  I’ll let you know when I find it.

Barrel racing at the Calgary Stampede

Image via Wikipedia

5. Charles, Prince of Wales, waved at me personally once when he came to Calgary for the Calgary Stampede.  I was atop the chuck wagon entry of the radio station I worked for then and was enthusiastically yelling and waving to the crowd.  Charles was in the reviewing stands and looked my way when he heard all the noise I was making.  He grinned at me and waved back.  That was 35 years ago. 🙂

6. I did the all-night radio broadcast for three years at CHQR in Calgary, before it became an all-talk radio station.  It was like having my own party every night and I loved it.  This was in the early 1980s.

7. I have three of the most adorable Shih Tzus you have ever seen: Ling Ling, Oreo Blizzard, and Tilly Tot.  The first two were purchased from their breeders.  However, Tilly Tot was a rescue dog, who was dying when we found her.  She was so full of bladder stones she could hardly walk and couldn’t pee at all.  We took her to the vet and he did the necessary operation.  Tilly is now a happy, healthy, little sweetheart, a real loving addition to our little family.

Okay, on to the 15 new award winners.  This might be difficult, since so many of the bloggers I follow regularly already have this award.  Here goes:


1. AnimalsOurEverything – Janet Herring-Sherman
2. Dorky Deb – Debbie Norman
3. Fearlessly Nourished – Kristin Konvolinka
4. Huffygirl’s Blog – Donna Barry
5. Michael’s Blog – Michael Ayers (aka stickinsect)
6. Miss Beehaven with Hobbit Queen
7. Bookclub Cheerleader – Marsha Toy Engstrom
8. Fictional Campfire – Ken Broad
9. The Painted Universe – Anna Barlow
10. Out of the Woods – Billie Jo Woods
11. Selena Wolff’s Solitary Words
12. The Renegade Writer – Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell
13. Publication Coach – Daphne Gray-Grant
14. The Sunflower Girl – Jennifer Alys Windholz
15. Blog Therapy (formerly Marya Writes) – Marya

That was more of a struggle than I anticipated.  Other than the ones who already have this award, this is pretty nearly my whole Blogroll.

Congratulations, guys.  I will be in touch personally soon to let you know, in case you don’t drift by to see what I’m up to.  Thanks for being such great writers.


List three fantasy worlds you’d like to visit, and why you’d want to go there.

This is the WordPress Daily Post challenge to post something every day.  Since this is a fantasy fiction blog (at least it’s supposed to be 🙂 ), we are making that to list three fantasy worlds instead of three countries that you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.  For me, it’s as follows:

Oz is divided into four geographical areas, with the Emerald City at the center.

1.  The Land of Oz.  I have been inspired by the Oz series for children since I was a child.  I can remember holding a pebble in my hand and whispering “przgtmczl – turn into a cupcake!”  Then staring at the pebble in eager anticipation.  It never did turn into a cupcake, but I was totally convinced it was because I hadn’t pronounced the magic word correctly.  All I needed to do was say it the way it should be said, and the magic spell would work.  This kind of fervent belief in fantasy and magic was actually a thrill for me, and the world L. Frank Baum created  to display his stories in was Destination No. 1 for me in my imagination.   

Lothlorien elves coming to the defence of Gondor at Helm’s Deep.

2.  Middle Earth – the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.  The adventures held in this wonderful and diversified world are larger than life, yet grab you and make you a part of the story with their rich detail and well-developed characters.  Oh to talk to Gandalf about the mysteries of the world and about magical things.  Travel with Bilbo, and then Frodo, exploring the world in all its infinite variations.  Spend some time with Galadriel in the elven lands and visit the elves’ huge tree city.  I would love every second!

The last book of Landover in this series of five.

3. Landover, the magic kingdom bought by Ben Holiday out of a Christmas catalogue in Magic Kingdom for Sale – SOLD! by Terry Brooks, also the author of the Shannara series.  Although Landover is a magic kingdom in every sense of the word, complete with fairies, elves, kobolds, an incompetent Court Magician, and a talking dog who serves as Court Scribe, this is not a children’s fairy tale.  The creatures who inhabit this land range from terrible witches to ghostly knights to river folk and kobolds who cook and kill with equal ease.  I’d love to wander through this lovely land and talk to the people, also spending some time in Sterling Silver, a castle that is alive and lends all its energy to making the palace a warm and comforting place to be.   This land is full of magic, mystery, humor and adventure.

From my selections, I deduce that the kind of world I must create in my fantasy fiction writing must support magic, mystery, humor and adventure.  Not a small task, but an exciting one. 

What three fantasy worlds would you like to visit…and why?