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Comment from Sandra Bell Kirchman

Comment from Sandra Bell Kirchman

You might wonder what a true story about a dog is doing in a fantasy fiction site. No, it’s not because this is a fantasy and didn’t happen. It did. Fact is, I LOVED this story when I read it on fellow blogger Barb Taylor’s Passionate About Pets site. It brought home the fact that pet shelters do so much for pets abandoned or mistreated or abused or lost. These shelters truly deserve our full support.

Anyhow, I wanted to reblog this for my weekly column with my hometown’s online newspaper. I asked for and received permission from Barb to reblog it, then asked for and received permission from my editor to use it for my March 25th column. I wanted to test it on my blog here, to make it easy for my editor to post it, since he was smart enough to use WordPress to carry his newspaper (EsterhazyOnline.com).

I had no idea it would publish it right away…I thought it would go to draft like a regular post does. Long story short, it did publish right away. I didn’t want to be so rude as to delete it, since that act would show up on Barb’s site and possibly lead people to believe that I didn’t like the story after all. So far from the truth. Anyhow, this is now a special treat for my Fantasyfic readers. Don’t blame me…blame the reading treats fairies.