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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

For the first time in my life, I have my own office.  No more trying to write on the kitchen table or in the bedroom.  I have my very own office…yep, it’s my refuge.

Also for the first time in this weekly photo challenge, I have taken the picture currently (snapped yesterday) using my new camera that my kids got me for my birthday last fall.  And I learned how to download it (my husband showed me).  So I’m all set for future challenges.  If nothing else, this photo challenge has prodded me into learning how to use my super-tech camera 😛

Refuge - photo taken by Sandra Bell Kirchman

As for the fantasy aspect of this picture, I see the statue of the Pegasus on the desk and I immediately think of these beautiful graceful creatures.  Why would the absent occupant have such a statue and why is he or she absent anyway?  Perhaps he has a friendly Pegasus and has simply gone for a ride…or perhaps he has been summoned to help a world in distress, where the flying horses are in danger of being extinct (I’ve been reading Rick Cook’s The Wiz Biz and am enjoying it immensely).

How about you?  What kind of ideas do you get from this picture for a fantasy story?