Baffled by Writing Conventions and/or Tricks of the Writing Trade?


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What areas of writing would you like insight into?  What stops you in your tracks when you’re writing like a house afire?  What elements of fiction writing would you like clarified?

This is the place for some answers.  Please list your questions in the comments of this post.  Then I will select one (or more if I have time) a week and answer it from my years of experience as a writer and editor.  I will also invite others to publish their experience in those areas.  You can ask more questions as we go along.  When we’re finished, if you don’t have a helpful answer (and you have to be honest :P), I will write a limerick just for you 🙂


6 responses to “Baffled by Writing Conventions and/or Tricks of the Writing Trade?

  1. What a terrific idea, Sandra. No questions at the moment, but I’ll ponder it a bit and get back to you.


  2. I’ll be here 😀 This blog originally started out as a resource for writers, so I am trying to edge back closer to the original intent.


  3. Not questions . . . but some general ideas that I expect most people would be interested in having you address.

    * Show don’t tell
    * Identifying speakers in dialogue
    * Back story and how to include


  4. Great idea, Sandra. I love that you are so willing to help fellow writers.
    Head hopping is always a hot writing topic.
    If I think of a question, I will let you know.


    • Will look forward to your question (or suggestion). I have been totally swamped lately and have not had time nor energy to follow through on this…but I haven’t forgotten and will post an article soon. Keep watching this space 🙂


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