Thanks, Guys

 I just wanna say thanks to the top commenters on my site in 2011.


In the number one spot was Nancy Hatch at 40 comments.


Stephanie Ciofalo (Kally or Kallysti) ran a close second at 38.


Haley Whitehall, our resident civil war fiction writer, followed at 19.


Finally, bringing up the rear were Dorky Deb at 17…


…and Huffygirl at 15.

Thanks, guys, for all the support and encouragement.


4 responses to “Thanks, Guys

  1. You’re welcome! Hope that you continue to enjoy the journey of blogging, Sandra!


  2. thanks Sandra. What a good idea to mention your top commentors. I guess I should have done that too, but of course I can’t now…

    I don’t know why I didn’t see this earlier. I seem to not be getting the emails about your posts, or else somehow am not seeing them.

    Happy blogging in 2012!


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